Urban Cavewoman launched in 2014 as a medium to share Paleo recipes with my friends and family. After having my daughter in 2018, I fell of the Paleo and blogging wagon.  As I juggled work and motherhood, I could barely find time to shower, much less keep up with creating new recipes and blog posts!

Urban Cavewoman is relaunching to be a more inclusive platform for all the passions in my life. Though I am no longer exclusively paleo (hahah…. not sure how I could live without instant mac n’ cheese these days!), Urban Cavewoman is still what best describes who I am. Much like our cave dwelling ancestors, I survive by making the most out of what I have at my disposal and being resourceful! Beyond recipes, I will write about my DIY projects, making a home out of our small rental, family friendly recipes, and possibly over share my experiences as a full time working mom. 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


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