Just Like Sugar – Paleo Sweetener Review

Posted on April 26, 2015

Though sweets should always be eaten in moderation when living a paleo lifestyle, I personally think that illuminating them completely is unrealistic. The important thing to remember when indulging, is what you choose to use as your paleo sweetener. Obviously, highly refined white sugar, corn syrup and agave are all big no-no’s if you are trying to maintain a paleo lifestyle.

There actually are a lot of paleo sweetener options, but they all have the downside of being caloric. If you are trying to have a lower calorie diet (or are used to using fake sweeteners) there is actually a really good paleo approved option for you. . This product is made from dried chicory root, and has zero (0) calories, carbs, fat or sugar for a 100 g serving.  The table top variety seems to be the best tasting, and easily dissolves in liquids ( a huge plus if you like to drink iced beverages). It doesn’t taste completely like table sugar, but also doesn’t have that same after taste that Stevia and other sugar substitutes have.


  • Will dissolve easily in liquid
  • Safe for diabetics.


  • Pricey
  • Has a VERY slight aftertaste.

Verdict? If you are a diabetic, or watching your sugar intake, this is a great option. It is also great to keep on the table if you want to use to sweeten beverages. However, from a taste perspective, when cooking I will still opt for honey, maple syrup or maple sugar.



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